The eleven day random happiness program !!!

Every day for the next 11 days I ll try posting some random stuff.  You see I m jobless for the next month or so. Why don’t I go hike or plan a trip rather? Well..long story . Basically this write up s just to get back to writing and – to activate my atrophied writer’s brain cells. This series will see me learning a word a day, talking about one thing that made me happy that day,sharing a quote, talk about one inspirational lady in my real life, learn one kolam design, learn a song, dance along (my aching bones ouch!)..Sounds yawnsome already right!! Oh alright .. and highly unoriginal?. .well alright too.. 🙂 so here we go? Yawn along baby!!

Word #1.  Oeuvre. .. body of work of a painter, composer, or author. Eg- “the complete oeuvre of Mozart” a work of art, music, or literature.Eg-“an early oeuvre”

Quote martial yo 1..”There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” yup .. life s been a miracle. Thank you. 

#1. Happiness is talking to your bff/ bf for an hour.. …..on phone.. With your mom around.. looking at you with murderous eyes for disturbing her afternoon peace/ night’s meagre sleep !!! Hehe 🙂 After a long while, bff U and I had a long girl-talk (read: bitching our hearts out!). Last week A and I talked, with mom lingering around trying to catch from my whispers who I was talking to. Anyways phone was fun (especially in such life threatening conditions). Coz chatting the whole night is not enough and A being the understanding friend has stopped daily calls since I quit my job last month. Oh and when he calls when I m home and mom enquires who it is, the standard answer is Ma it s K .  mom” this friend K of yours has a masculine voice” .Moms. Can’t hide anything from them. Dear K always protests..why me!

Called K during my evening walk (started only yesterday btw). Her photography club friends had called her for a sunset shoot of Raisina Hill. She reached just an hour late. 🙂 . K meeting H on Sunday for their second date. He d come over to Delhi for their first. K being a believer of equality of genders suggested this time instead of him coming all the way again, they should meet somewhere midway between delhi and c handigarh, where he s coming on business.  H figured out that d be Kurukshetra, the land of the war of Mahabharata. Not a great idea for a date right? !

India SA match in Dharamshala today.  Highest cricket stadium right? Have great memories of the place.  Dhar amshala.  We d reached our hotel at night, checked in and slept off. Opened my eyes in the morning to a wondrous sight . The beautiful golden white snow capped sunlit Dhauladhar ranges right in front of our window!! Ye haseen vadiyan!

Little cute kiddo at the temple today. Surprised at where I was vanishing and appearing from during my parikrama . “Where s aunty going and coming from?” She asked her dad. I told her to come along. She came with her dad first and when she figured out how., she was so excited! Running and skipping along she circumambulated with me.

ok bye..more later.

o wait.. inspirational lady? Dr. Binita ..professional, helpful, graceful, etc etc

too bored to write further . It ll take time to …

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