Tera pyar pyar pyar Monkey Bar ! Monkey Bar is a funky place !

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Childhood buddy T was in Delhi for some work and we had a couple of hours free so we planned to meet up . Since I wanted to try this new place which opened very recently near my workplace and about which I d read great reviews on Zomato, I took him to Monkey Bar(P-Block, CP). Saturday , afternoon, CP- so didn’t expect to find any toehold at the other popular places anyways.

Funky new place, must say! You start getting a good feel just at the very first step! This place is on the first floor and there is a lift , but climbing the wooden stairs is more interesting what with mud-plastered, rustic-looking walls with mirrors. As you climb higher, you get the first blast of crazy music. Wooden flooring, exposed brick walls, quirky interiors , friendly staff and the fun lies in the small things- the menu cards on wooden boards, the coasters, the tables, the cutlery, the colorful ceramic plates and bowls, the food presentation. Spacious , puts you in the comfort-zone immediately. As you enter, there s a well-stocked bar(Hehe, that’s how they write in reviews on restro-bars. What would i know of the bar’s stock position, I am a teetotaller !).

As for the menu, it is limited but varied- Continental, Mediterranean, Indian etc. with quirky fusions and interesting names  like Quick Gun Murg-hen ! hehe ..Nice,nice

So all-in-all a great place, it seemed, till this point, except, there’s one minor problem, as I realised soon- the staff don’t understand sign language !!Actually, I went through the menu, and the vegetarian options being limited, decided on “Falafel with ghanoush ” (since I ve been meaning to try it for a long time) and the item below it ” Ricotta and paneer kebabs” .I pointed out both, on the menu card to the smiling waiter ( since I didn’t want to sound like an idiot pronouncing falafel with ghanoush!). With gestures, I told him to bring one of each. Bhai apna ordered ginger ale for both, which the guy promptly brought and poured into glasses. Within a few minutes, he was there again with two plates and a dish . I was confused, kyunki, there were 2 pavs and 3 paneer tikkis and a bowl of tomato chutney. “Is it falafel with ghanoush or ricotta and paneer kebabs?  or something else?”I asked T. “And btw one more doubt bro -how do you eat this? ”

“I dunno, I ll just spread this tomato chutney thing on one side, keep the tikka thing in between the two buns and -” he took a bite. “Oh” I said and did the same. Awesome taste! The tikki thing had cheese and it just melted in my mouth! The tomato chutney was only mildly tangy. We chitchatted a while, I clicked some pics of the place, took in the whole ambience, checked out all the cool couples hanging out over there and what drinks and food they were ordering, we made jokes about ‘2 bandar,monkey bar ke andar'( bandaron jaisi harkatein we were doing,rather he was,  like little kids of 6!), he told me how his mom n pa-in-law made wonderful ginger ale at home, talked over phone to another kidhood friend T is gonna meet tomorrow in Nagpur (T is on a ‘meet-childhood-buddies-while-touring-on-work mission’ it seems) -but- the second dish was still not there. So we hailed the waiter again and told him to please get the second dish, whatever it was. It turned out, he d thought there was only one order(that s what he made of my gestures of ‘one each please’!!) . Anyways he got us the menu card once again and I tried with sign language once again. But this was getting nowhere, so finally I asked him” what was it that we just had?”

“Ricotta and paneer kebabs with grilled pav and tomato kalonji chutney, mam”

Oh, so that cleared the mystery! I pointed out at falafel with ghanoush(still wary of saying it aloud) on the menu card and asked him to bring it. Our order was there soon, but again left me confused coz it looked like stuffed kulcha! Eh, with some coconut chutney-like thing accompanying it. Oh so this kulcha must be a variant of falafel and this cream-coloured chutney must be ghanoush, i thought. Tasted good.

It was time to leave and T asked for the bill. I append a snapshot of it for your kind perusal. Oh I m just typing it out, the items it mentioned:

  1. Gingerale (2)
  2. Ricotta and paneer kebabs
  3. Mobar Kulcha Veg s/w         !!!! So item 3 was indeed kulcha and I hadn’t had my Falafel with ghanoush after all !!

Hence, to conclude, waiters here don’t understand sign language and the guy had brought one item above and one below “Falafel with ghanoush” on the menu card ! So I will be going back there soon, after learning how to correctly pronounce it (not that the waiters themselves there know how to,still) .. For my Fal. with G- and – for that easy-going, cool, fun ambience that MoBar offers.

Useless trivia: It s an Indian chain like CCD

For more info, read this and this 

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