AAP ka goonda raj

Tere bina zindagi se koi ..shikwa toh nahi… my favouritest song no.2….no.1 being of course tere mere milan ki ye raina..just realised no.2 is picturised on suchitra Sen. She s no more.
In other news, Sunanda Pushkar was found dead..twitter wars, networking,it was all there in front of the world just till before her death… and news of her death was as quick to spread on the social networking sites. It was all as if it happened right before us, making it all the more shocking than news of “a suicide by a woman who suspected her husband of an EMA”..Really, really shocking …
AAP ministers, lawlessness, anarchy, attention-seekers. Give them time some say..to ruin Delhi completely, i ask? I fear for Delhi

Corrupt babu ki corrupt baby. Maid in Manhattan ?? 🙂

What s happening? 2014 already seems to be an year ‘earmarked’ for the media ..Gloating are they? Sensational news everywhere

Media , social networking,conspiracy theories,trial-by-media,breaking news

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