Humble big-innings

“There is a ‘pattron’ in everything”.

My life has been all about ‘pattrons’.Right from the time I was a cross-eyed infant* trying to figure out the colour combination on my rattle(while simultaneously trying to jangle it AND crush it with my bare jaws!) to a pre-teen struggling with knitting-patterns in SUPW classes and then all those Board patterns and ‘In-trance’ exam patterns. Back again to the cross-eyed era,  trying to figure out questions of life and death looking at colour combinations of cells…under the microscope!

Life is colourful. And I am just beginning to comprehend its designs!


“*”..quoted by a Pun-jab-i Jat colleague!

*history given by mother of author

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4 Responses to Humble big-innings

  1. Richa says:

    and i loved the name of the blog.. 🙂

  2. anantharaman says:

    I was sitting idle after a big meal(as i always do) . I heard the words “Yuvar anar” on sun tv- just googled it and found yuvar post.Mad mad mad world

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